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Artist Statement










                  彩書家 蘆野公一(Ashino Koichi)

Letters have been treated in a two-dimensional world ever since they were created as a tool for recording. The combination of the various lines of each letter is very beautiful. I have dreamed since I was a small child when I started learning calligraphy that it would be possible to enter into this beautiful structure of lines.

Calligraphy is a highly spiritual art form that takes the beauty of line to the extreme.

In "Sai-sho"(means colored calligraphy) each stroke of the lines that make up a character is considered as a surface, and by adding chaotic colors to the surface, a variety of scenes are created within the character.

The colors are intricately intertwined on all the surfaces, and no two surfaces have the same coloring. If you look closely at the details of the colors, you will see a world beyond human control.

This chaotic world changes dramatically within a single character. If we think of the first stroke as the birth of the character and the final stroke as the end of the character, we might say that "Sai-sho" is like a film that vividly and clearly records the life of the character.

The "Sai-sho" is like a film that vividly and precisely records the life of a character.

I hope that each person who stands in front of "Sai-sho" will find his or her own scene in "Sai-sho" with his or her own interpretation, and be present in the world he or she has found.

                                                                          Koichi Ashino


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